An Unstoppable Life

As I have been studying and reading through the book of Acts, my life is truly being challenged. I am in a state of unrest. Good unrest. Questions like, “Where is the power of God displayed in my life?” “Am I living an ordinary life?” “Am I living an explainable life?” are all ruminating through my heart and mind. And these questions are wreaking havoc!

It is so easy to go from day to day and never see the power of God working in our lives. Yes, I’m including you in on these life- altering, Holy Spirit interrogations! I don’t want to suffer alone 😊  When was the last time you could say… “Wow, look what God just did in and through me!”

You don’t have to be smart, educated, good looking or eloquent for God to use you. In fact, those qualities are usually barriers, more than anything. Our Father is looking for women and men who are willing to surrender all to Him. Don’t let your circumstances keep you from serving Him; Don’t let your weaknesses keep you from representing Him; Don’t let your sorrow and sufferings stop you from rejoicing in Him. Don’t even let your sin bury you with guilt, run to Him in confession.

You will be surprised how the power of God will be displayed in a life fully dependent on the Lord. The apostles John and Peter were examples of this in Acts 4. Even though they were threatened to never speak in the name of Jesus again, they boldly stood on their faith in Christ. Take a look:

“Now when they (the religious leaders) saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.”

That could be you…me. Are people ASTONSHED by your life? No need to be anything special in the world’s eyes, just be “with Jesus” and represent Him!

May you and I live lives that make the people around us stand up and take notice. May we live courageous lives…Unstoppable Lives!