New Staff Member

God does all things good in His time. Not ours. 6 and half years ago we started what was then the Church at Antioch. And I had a young man jump in the waters with me and serve full-time as the associate pastor…being interpreted, do whatever the Pastor cannot do or do whatever needs to be done. Logan, had to become a jack of all trades. But his heart and his wife’s heart were in Portugal. As you know they left about three years ago, to go and serve there.

And now for three plus years, we have had several people fill Logan’s shoes…Rich Ramsey, who did a great job and helped craft this new position that Joe Hemphill fills, he serves as our Gathering Coordinator. Anything that involves Sunday morning…and much, much more.

We had Wade Burnett serve with us and  do an incredible job to help us relaunch into Christ for the Nations Church…but no one full-time, to serve alongside me. I have prayed and prayed and prayed…God’s timing is not our timing but it is always the right time.

The Elders  also joined me in praying for God to help us make wise decisions concerning this body of believers; where and how He wants us to move. In God’s providence He has provided someone to come and serve FULL-TIME, leading in a more administrative way. This young man has always been among us…even before we started our church. He was there with his wife and small ish family…then. They have endured many trials, hardships and tribulations but they stayed, persevered and grew.

I had been praying for someone with the gift of leadership to come alongside:

To help free me up to utilize the gifts that God has given me and to compliment me in my lack and limitations

To help facilitate growth and administrate a “complicated” ministry that seeks to be multi-cultural in all of its ways…this is a difficult task.

To give oversight to organization, planning, direction, communication and evaluating ministries here at The Nations Church. Development, staffing, coordinating and direction of ministries in our church; developing steps of how we accomplish the vision that God has given us.

This position differs from my role as Pastor. It frees me to focus on Studying, preaching, writing, praying and vision.

We have prayed and God has led us to the right man. He was here all the time…growing, learning, serving. We have found him to be faithful, full of the Holy Spirit, loving his wife and his 9 children; Everyone, welcome our new Director of Ministry Operations… Jake Todhunter