Are You A Morning Person

Anyone who has spent time in my presence has heard me say that I love mornings, (provided
I‘ve had a good night’s rest) :) . Especially if everyone’s still asleep, the morning is even better;
the freshness, the newness. I have no trouble getting out of bed, holding a conversation,
listening to music, first thing in the morning. I don’t really need time to warm up or to get
going. One of my daughters, who will remain nameless, is NOT a morning person. She doesn’t
want to talk, engage in conversation or be greeted with enthusiasm, in the mornings. She says
that is rude and annoying. I’ve heard her often say, “Just give me a moment.” “Let me get my
coffee.” ; It seems that it takes her an hour or two to really feel like herself.

Regardless as to which type of person you are, mornings are important. One of the things that
can really set us up for a good day is to start it with prayer. King David, in Psalm 5:3 says, “My
voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look

What a way to start your day…calling upon the name of the Lord! If you must, grab a cup of
coffee, a blanket or even blast your music, but pray, cry out to Him. I have found that
sometimes I don’t have the words to pray and I really do need time to “warm up”. The
following prayer from The Valley of Vision has been an incredible source of life for me in the
mornings. It is better than coffee, tea or whatever you drink to wake up! Read it, pray
it…everyday…I promise it will be the “best part of waking up”.


Compassionate Lord,
Thy mercies have brought me to the dawn of another day,
Vain will be its gifts unless I grow in grace,

Increase in knowledge
ripen for spiritual harvest.

Let me this day know thee as thou art,

love thee supremely,
serve thee wholly,
admire thee fully.

Through grace let my will respond to thee,
Knowing that power to obey is not in me, but
that thy free love alone enables me to serve thee.
Here then is my empty heart,
overflow it with thy choicest gifts;
Here is my blind understanding,
chase away its mists of ignorance.
O ever watchful Shepherd,
lead, guide, tend me this day;
Without thy restraining rod I err and stray;
Hedge up my path lest I wander into unwholesome pleasure,

and drink its poisonous streams;
Direct my feet that I be not entangled in Satan’s secret snares,
nor fall into his hidden traps.
Defend me from assailing foes,
from evil circumstances,
from myself.
My adversaries are part and parcel of my nature;
They cling to me as my very skin;
I cannot escape their contact.
In my rising up and sitting down they barnacle me;
They entice with constant baits;
My enemy is within the citadel;
Come with almighty power and cast him out, pierce him to death, and abolish in me every
particle of carnal life this day.
Amen! Make this your prayer today!