We're Back!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am to be back at church with you guys. As many of you have already heard, Robyn, the kids and I had a wonderful 5-week break. There are so many stories to tell you…Family Camp in Tyler TX…a drive to Dallas TX to stay with some dear friends, who treated us like royalty…the unexpected blessing of spending time with our two oldest “kids” in California…A Doctors visit in Baton Rouge LA (You just have to ask me about that. It’s a long story) …to having a fantastic time in Pigeon Forge TN at Dollywood!!!

Robyn and I have given our lives to serving the Lord and the Body of Christ. We LOVE God’s people. I am convinced from the Scriptures and through experience that the world’s only hope is the living and breathing Body of Christ; we ARE his “hands and feet”, not to be cliché. If we don’t represent Him and share the Good News (Gospel), to those around us we are being disobedient and unloving.

Anyway, serving the Church for over 34 years as a pastor brings great joy and heartache and at times shear exhaustion. I am thankful for our Elders, being sensitive to the fact that their fellow elder and pastor needed a retreat, reprieve, recalibration, refresher, renewal…re…whatever 😊. Thank you Elders and all who were so gracious to us.

As we re-enter and get reacclimated, I am very mindful that I must move in the strength and energy of the Lord. This break reminded me that I cannot rely on my own power to do God’s work! I need Him; the Spirit, to empower and fill me to do this work of battling for God’s glory! That’s why I exist…that’s why you exist…for GOD’S GLORY! Our lives must be God-focused, Christ-Centered and Spirit-Empowered!

So, as we move forward, join me in seeking what God’s will for us; He has more for us. These are exciting times…building community…sharing life together…spreading the Gospel…even, appointing Deacons!! Yes, things are exciting, but God has more for us. He wants us to trust Him for more. I leave you with a quote that challenges me, and that I am claiming for our church:

“Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it’s doomed to failure.” -John Haggai