As you know, exciting times are happening here at Christ for the Nations Church; we are commissioning Deacons/Deaconesses and Elders. The Bible (1 Timothy 3:1-13) holds both of these offices to a high standard of character and reputation. We would love for you to review the list of names below to examine and affirm them. If for some reason, there is a person listed that does not fit the Biblical requirements in 1 Timothy 3, please email; otherwise we will see this as an affirmation.

Thank you for your faithful service and commitment to Christ!

Potential Deacon Candidates

Todd & Angie Greer

Dylan & Christina Moore

Joe & Rachel Hemphill

Jason Cole

Dan & Candy Morehouse

Jake & Arabelle Todhunter

Brady & Casey Haas

David & Beth Litton

Jennifer Ramsey

Michael & Penelope Pfuntner

Andy & Laura Blucker

Angie White

Mike Bannon

Susan Crawford

Paul Davis

Brandon & Jackie Caples

Rick & Cindy Betts

Vince & Angela Adams

Potential Elder Candidate

Joshua Boren